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        Messi has been in Barcelona for 15 years, and his decision must have been carefully considered. There should have been some tentative exchanges before, otherwise things would not have developed so fast. City should also be looking to the king to pitch, only the players who have been traded will be mixed. Because if you join Barca, the team will have many problems to solve in the new season. In addition, the hot stars in recent seasons are hard to meet the outbreak in Barcelona, so all the players who join the team need to meet the more severe test.


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        Looking back on chilwell's performance against the championship group last season, it is indeed commendable. Fox city did not play in the game against Chelsea, the player started in the game against Manchester United, the team lost the ball soon after the start, thuin Ju tripped Rushford to give a penalty. After the goal, the two teams were in a state of anxiety. During this period, Leicester City got a corner kick, and the ball was solved by Manchester United players. However, after taking the ball from the outside of chilville, it was very dangerous to shoot directly from the air. De GEA reacted quickly and forced the ball out of the crossbar, which showed his long-range shooting ability. In the game, he had two passes, two steals, one success, two breakouts, two fouls and three fouls. This is also because he created some threats in the game that he was fouled so many times.

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